Mint GODIVA – “Cool”


As this is my first GODIVA post, I thought a look inspired by the flavors of mint would only be right. The use of cool tones, blues – greens as well as different hues of those very same colors. With a pop of yellow for flavor.


+ (Hair) – “LOQ Hairs” – Grappa Pieva
+ (Hairbase) – “LOQ Hairs” Hairbase [varying tones]
+ (Shades) – I-RAWK 1 (Shade Throne)
+ (Earrings) – [ glow ] studio Animated Earrings W 1/ & 2 (Space)
+ (Lipstick) – blackliquid MAKEUP – powder blue matte
+ (Lip Piercing) – Dementia Lip Piercing [March Hare Hunt] [not available]
+ (Dress) – Jack Spoon Leya Dress – Midnight
+ (Gloves) Emery – Egg
+ (Bag) – Maitreya Leather Satchel * Lion (shoulder rigged)
+ (Tights) – ISON – shear tights [Epoch Art of Escher] [may not be available]
+ (Shoes) – Azoury – Les Bottines Victoire Bleu

I’d like to once again thank Vikee along with the other GODIVAs for considering me to be apart of this amazing group. xoxo

– Forren Ashford(ForrenAshford) a.k.a Mint GODIVA ❉


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