Breaking the Mold



Hair: !VA! OH La La Blonds
Mask: [LWL] March Hare Mask (rose)
Makeup: *LpD* MakeUp – *Gia* (The Couturier Docks Excl.)
Earring: h.m.a.e.m. – i was a queen – set – headpiece+earings
Gloves: Miamai_Rilla Gloves Yellow
Dress: [LWL] Burst Minidress (Fuschia)
Leggings: {K}Rea Q Leggings GIFT
Shoes: [LWL] Annie, get your gun. Pumps (Eastern grass)


About vikeejeah

Vikeejeah is a beauty blogger and Youtube beauty guru with a love for high end cosmetics. Her focus in on women of color, and the cosmetics best suited for their skin tones. Vikee is also a contributor for Boston Naturals.

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