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My Oh Miamai

Miamai and Laccessories for GOSL

Miamai for GOSL


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Rude Girl

I am such a huge fan of Rihanna’s eclectic, edgy fashion! I’m also generally into bold color, pattern and prints. So I am dedicating this post to all the “Rude Girls” out there who have kick ass urban style with diverse cultural influences. Enjoy ❤

Rude Girl part two for GOSL

Rude Girl for Forma Pura

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Video Vixen

Yes, these girls have a bit of a bad rep, but boy can they dress their asses off! I was feeling particularly sexy New Years Eve while Skyping with some of the GODIVAs and getting dressed to hit the grid for some dancing and fun. I decided I was going to celebrate my new shape and retirement from modeling by going completely to the left of how I normally dress for a night out with  the girls. I have been re-hatching my love of urban fashion, so I figured I would dress the part of a hip-hip video vixen. This look puts me in the mind of Beyonce’s “Video Phone” but with my take on it, of course. This was surprisingly hard for me (lol) but I really enjoyed the outcome. I hope you do too.

Video Vixen for GODIVAs of SL


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