ray of light.


[I know I’ve been out lately, but RL obligated me to. So… I never forgot my obligations on Sl either, and I love making part of this great team, so… I’m back and I hope you can forgive me. For a start I bring news from DIRAM, not yet released but soon will be. Take a peek, and enjoy! <3]


HAIR | Tableau Vivant – Beck

COAT | DIRAM – Gabby – Red

SHIRT | DIRAM – Gabby – Black

PANTS | DIRAM – Gabby – White

SHOES | JD – Cult – Edited in Tangerine

CIG | Hermony – Filter Cigarrette (on marketplace)

NOTE | DIRAM will launch soon – ’round 25th / 26th Feb. – Keep eye on!

Promo picture for Gabby – DIRAM



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