Get to Know the GODIVAs

The GODIVAs are a rare breed of avatar with unique senses of style and vibrant personalities that balance one another. A Godiva is not always a chocolate (black) avi. She is a Go- Diva! As in a hard working fierce fashion guru with confidence, creativity and charm! Each Godiva has a unique “flavor”. They are as follows:

Vikeejeah Xevion aka Godiva Noir: As the leader of the Godivas, I feel that my name best describes my personality because it’s all about purity. Not in the sense that I am pure (cuz we all know that’s laughable) but because of my honesty and how real I am when it comes to my friends and me in general. I am outspoken, driven, bold, and loyal almost to a fault. All of these aspects of my personality go deep into who I am and explain my maternal instinct when it comes to my other Godvias. Hence why dark chocolate is the HBIC!

Viola Rookswood aka Godiva Creme: The classic beauty of the bunch with a classic flavor. She is a hard working, self motivating leader in her own right . Bursting with creativity and knowledge of fashion like none ever seen in SL. She’s incredibly witty, vivacious and THE most charming GODIVA in the group. It’s impossible to resist the Creme!

Xi Zane aka Coco Godiva: Our actual dark chocolate drop. The owner of LUSH by Coco is an urban fashionista with an ethnic flavor rich and deep. In her core you are likely to find a smooth chocolate mousse. In other words, she is sweet and sinful at the same time.

Anigma Eulenberg aka Cinnamon Godiva: Sweet yet firey! Ani is the core of the group. You can find her working behind the scenes in script writing or blogging for various agencies, And even with all of this, she finds time to be an assistant to my crazy behind, a champion speed builder, and a hilariously sarcastic story teller. A great compliment to the chocolate ladies in the bunch and a special addition we could never do without.

Diconay Boa aka Caramel GODIVA: One look at her glorious face and you just know she is a supermodel! From her incredible styling to her equally amazing photography skills, Diconay “CORPUS” Boa is a powerhouse! Not only is she someone I look up to, but she is a lovely person with a warm and welcoming personality. I have known Dico for a long time and she is consistently fierce. A silent killer in terms of fashion, she will make you rethink your style while bringing you unique flavor as only the Caramel GODIVA can!

Forren Ashford aka Mint GODIVA: Aka Minty Phresh! Forren found her way into the GODIVAs by being just plan dopesauce! I met her through Coco and Mocha one day while having a bbq at Mocha’s home. We were all in agreement that day that Forren had a very special sense of style. She mixes urban, andro, punk and a bit of haute to create a hybrid genre of fashion all her own. Forren is a model, blogger, videographer and genius event planner! What we love most about Forren is her personality. She is hilarious and fun loving, loyal and has an incredible heart. She is the epitome of cool, like a York peppermint patty. She is just so Minty Phresh!

Clem Velinov aka FUN SIZE GODIVA: Our beloved pint sized style & photography extraordinaire is other worldly in terms of her artistic approach to the world of SL. Clem’s dark yet sweet aesthetic is akin to Tim Burton, which is something we absolutely adore! Clem is an amazing photographer and an even better friend. She has many nicknames, all focused on her cuteness and tiny stature among the towering models within our clan, but one thing is definitely true, she’s the true meaning of the phrase “Big things come in small packages”.

Sakura Zimberman aka Aztec GODIVA: Sometimes you just need a lil Mexican spice in your life, and Saku is the dose of caliente in this big ole hot chocolate family. Sakura is the baby of the group in terms of experience as a blogger but she makes up for it by being a voice for the Latin community and doing them proud in her fashion sense, grace and beauty. Sakura has placed very high in several high profile competitions including Miss Mundo Virtual 2011 and Miss Bliss Couture 2012. She continues to push herself which is why we are in her corner every step of the way. Her work ethic and constant thirst for success is a great example for all young models in SL and her inner beauty shines through her avatar. A true class act. A true GO-DIVA!

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