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LFL: Fashion Events

Secondlife is full of fashion events which allow us as shoppers to get to know several brands at one time. They often offer exclusives at a discounted rate or limited edition items at retail. Either way it’s great fun and for a lover of fashion, can be dangerous on the virtual wallet. I have put together a Look For Less (under 1000L or 5 usd). Outside of the items I already had, the booN hair and Whatever booties, this look was very low priced! You can create a great look with great style for all walks of life without spending tons of Linden, so to those who say SL is expensive, I say they just don’t know where to shop ūüėČ

The Look for Less Fashion Events for GOSL

I purchased my items form the following events: TDR FUSIONL’accessoriesfi*fridaysSL Fashion Week


Urban Influence

Urban fashion is something very close to my heart. In my real life, I am greatly influenced by American designers and regional urban fashion. I live in the north east of the United States in Massachusetts and I find that where I live reflects in the way I dress. Now, I’m not talking about dressing for the weather or dressing according to class or¬†anything¬†like that. I mean there is a culture that is specific to the northeast, particularly the east coast, that drives my fashion sense. NYC is the fashion capitol of the northeast and the¬†birth¬†place of hip-hop. It is also the portal to the rest of the world’s perception of northeasterners, defining what we wear and what we consider “street chic”. Since I attended college in NYC and spent many summers traveling back and forth from Boston on the Greyhound bus ¬†to do shopping on the weekends as a teen, I consider my sense of style to be a diverse hybrid of sorts. I have the preppy, New England side of me and my NYC divalicious “from the block” side fighting for the¬†dominant¬†role in my ensemble from day to day. Today, NYC won the fight with a one two KO to the face of New England. California (my second home for the first half of my life) snuck in a few jabs as well. This is evident in the 60s style colorblock mini dress from COCO. I believe urban fashion is all about where you’re from. It is not a simply defined genre of fashion. I also do not believe it means looking slutty or tough or even “ghetto”. It’s all about confidence, cultural influences and the loudest voice in terms of expressing individuality in the concrete jungle. If you have ever seen an ostrich do it’s mating dance or a male peacock show off it’s fabulous plumage, you know exactly what I am talking about.


Lush Limited for GODIVAs of SL

To purchase any of the products from this blog post, simply click the brand names below to be linked to their Marketplace or inWorld stores.

booNDUMANIMONSCOCOZeeryB L E ULUSH LimitedLoovus DzevavorPaperbagISON

How I Do Urban

Urban fashion is relative to where you are in the world. For me, it’s all about edgy, east coast American style. Very NYC with a bit of Boston thrown in (gotta give it up to my hometown). I have an eclectic sense of style, but I always lean toward urban fashion, even in my formal attire. Today, I decided to hit up Marketplace for one of my fave low cost, high style brands. Le Primitif is great for the fashionista on a budget. Her use of ethnic prints, old skool flavor and¬†Afrocentric¬†accessories is right up my alley. This designer does shoes, clothes, and accessories so you could style yourself nearly H2T. And the price, nothing is over 200L. Gotta love that! I have decided to incorporate some LD Major, new Lelutka hair and a House of Fox bag from The Dressing Room to complete my look. Hope ya dig! Style info below.

Hair: [LeLutka]-CHERYL hair/ Pitch
Hairbase: [LeLutka]-HAIRBASE Gray Pack
Glasses: [[SHADE THRONE]] FAN-UP in Hell
Necklace: :::LP::: Immense Necklace [Beachwood]
Top: [[LD]] Major: Aboriginal Tube Top B&W (coming Sept. 2012)
Bangles Left: :::LP::: Afreeka Bangle Set 2
Bangles Right: :::LP::: Cheeky Bangles Onyx
Ring: :::LP::: Nineties Ring – Gold
Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_NudeManicure
Bag: HouseofFox :: Shopper’sTote MESH TDR
Shoes: [[LD]] Major: Resort Pumps 21
Poses: Miamai Poses by Mavi Beck

Took these pics at home ya’ll. Yep, didn’t even leave the house!

On Vacation

Top: MichaMi ~ Call Me dress – TDR
Skirt: Gato ~ Graphic Skirt – CREACTIVEVENT
Shoes: Nardcotix ~ Edna Platform Pump
Tights: Milk Motion ~ Ombre Tights – TDR
Clutch: House of Fox ~ OnyxClutch – TDRB
Bracelet: Mons ~ Xena bracelet – TDRB
Hair: LoQ ~ Ice Cream – TDRB
Makeup: m.o.c.k. cosmetics
Glasses: Kumaki ~ Glory

Godiva Cr√®me Does TDR…

Back when nights were long, friends were goofy and I actually had free time, we used to all load up on the FLF bus (guess who was that tour guide? O.o) and head out for destinations unknown to see what goodies we could find on the cheap.  This trip invariably ended up two places, disintegrated into chaotic laughter and The Dressing Room.  Its just the icing on the affordable cake of a night shared with good friends and, sometimes, really dirty jokes. FLF has left us bereft but luckily, we still have TDR and her ever lovely twin TDR Blue.


Baiastice_Rabibad Mesh shirt-peach (TDR- Current)

MichaMi: Marinara in Black, Skirt Only (TDR from New Year Trio)


[Shag] – Bombshell – butterscotch (W/custom tint)


[[LD]] Major: Jet Set Pump [Tahiti] MESH*


MONS / Bracelet Xena (pink&orange) (TDRblue – Current)

[ glow ] studio – Her longest earrings (black/cop (TDR BLUE 47)

Beauty Accessories:

Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Dark Copper

Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N15_No Facelight

R.icielli – Lipstick 02/06

Miamai_XGen_FullBody Freckles 02 COMPACT

~Natural Beauty~Gloss+teeth 3

Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Fresh

Additional Accessories:

HouseofFox ::OnyxClutch Mesh[Ice] TDR Blue (TDR – Current)

I also have a new favorite thing in these amazing mesh glasses from none other than Deborah Stine…

You can grab these amazing shades by visiting Debora’s store on marketplace, Muschi.

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room Blue

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Shot on location at the new amazing Mayfair sim.